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About Us

 ETECH Technology Equipment J.S.C was established in 1998 with former name: VanViet
Electric Co., Ltd. The company has been developing stably from the first establishment
and continues upholding professional business moral traditions from now on. At present,
The company has the honor to be Authorized Agent of :
- ELSTER group _ Germany ( Gas measuring equipment..)
- STAMINAIR Corp- France( Air canoon Systems..)
- SEW EURO DRIVER- Germany ( Gear Motor)
- THAYER Scale- USA (Conveyor Belt Scales, Weight Belt Feeders, Weight Feeders,
Business Description
ETECH is a trading provider of industrial equipments & scientific
Equipments .Its primary business is providing industrial equipments &
technology transfer for manufacturing industries that enable customers
to improve their productivity.
Advanced Equipment – Optimal Solution – Desired Effect
Key Events
+1998 : ETECH company was found by Mr. Nguyen Manh Tien, Mr Pham Khanh Toan, Mr Do Van Thanh with Former name: VANVIET Electric Co., Ltd.
+2001: The company signed distribution contract with GLOSSEN METRAWATT in supplying Measurement & Calibration Equipments for whole Vietnam Market.
+2002: The company expanded business fields and has been specializing on supplying Industrial Equipments for Cement, Oil &gas and Food & Beverage Industries.
 +2002-2005: The company  achieved a large market-share in Cement, Oil &gas and Food & Beverage Industries and had truthful key-account customers.
+2005: The company signed Agent contract with THAYER Scale in supplying equipments and solutions in Vietnam market.
+2005: The company signed Exclusive Agent Contract with KSI Filtertecnik GmbH in supplying filter element, dryer equipments in whole Vietnam market.
+January 2006: The company renamed from VANVIET Co., Ltd to ETECH Co., Ltd (ETECH Industrial Equipments & Automation Company Limited) to express specific major business fields. This marked an obvious advance and created good conditions for ETECH in breaking into new potential markets.
+2006: The company signed Exclusive Agent contract with PARCOL in supplying Control Valve equipments in Vietnam market

• In 3-4 years time, ETECH will be operating from a traditional markets to new markets and predominate in
supplying metering equipments as well as laboratory equipments, especially in Cement, Food & Beverage,
Water treatment, Oil Refinery industries... It will have annualized sales increase 30% a year and be profitable.
It will employ 35 people mainly engaged in Technical, Sales, and admin. ETECH will offer a wide range of
products and provide added-value services to a large customers base throughout the Science institute,
Ministry of Science Technology as well branch of provide, measurements center, cement and oil & gas,Food
& Beverage market segments and in other markets. ETECH's offerings will be technically advanced and offer
many clear-cut advantages and improvements over competitors' possible offerings. ETECH will continue to
expand through organic growth and acquisitions in related technology/market segments
Mission Statement:
• ETECH supplies and markets advanced products for specialist data capture and transaction
processing management. The products are sold to small, medium and large-sized
companies within Science institute, Ministry of Science Technology as well branch of
provide, measurement centers, cement and oil & gas, Food & Beverage, Sugar industries for
a range of specialist applications. ETECH’s products and services are distinguished from
competition by sophisticated interfaces, scalability and ease of modification and are
extensively patented. Sales are made directly and through major distributors and other
trading companies in the whole Vietnam market.
Corporate Values
• ETECH operates in accordance with the highest standards in all relationships with customers,
suppliers, environment and the community.
• ETECH fosters a climate which encourages innovation and diligence amongst staff and
rewards accordingly.
Business Objectives
• To expand the business aggressively, keep and extend long terms business relations with
whole wide manufacturers, suppliers, customer, to offer above-average returns and profits.
• To become the leading, innovative trading company within Science institute, Ministry of
Science Technology as well branch of provide, measurement centers, cement and oil & gas,
Food & Beverage, Sugar industries segments.
Key Strategies
1. Accelerate product launches by strengthening technical team.
2. Extend links with key technology centers.
3. Raise additional company capital.
4. Expand senior management team in sales/marketing.
5. Recruit non-executive managers.
6. Strengthen human resources function and introduce share options for staff.
7. Appoint advisers for intellectual property and finance.
The following important strategies will also be followed:
1. Locate new premises adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City and Haiphong City.
2. Commission assessments of key markets.
3. Start participating in trade shows and missions.
4. Develop Oil Refinery, Food& Beverage, and Water Treatment market entry plans.
5. Pursue strategic alliances with complementary players
6. Strengthen web presence and promote.
7. Seek new market segments/applications for products.
ETECH Head office:
ETECH Technology Equipment JSC.
• Address:
No 18- Zone X16, Ministry of Public Security, Khuong Trung Ward- Thanh Xuan
District- Hanoi- Viet nam
ETECH Transaction office:
#708, Building N2E, Le Van Luong Str., Ha Noi City., Viet Nam .
Tel: +84 4 35560083
Fax: +84 4 35560084
◦ Subsidiaries : in progress of preparation (in Hochiminh City and
Haiphong City).
◦ Showrooms and Workshops : in progress of preparation (in Hanoi City
and Hochiminh City).
◦ Sub-agents : in Hochiminh City.
Number of Field Salesmen: 05 Engineering Sales Managers with Automation Background.
◦ Number of Inside Salesmen : 04 Engineering Sales Managers with Mechanical and chemical
• Qualifications: Bachelor and Master of Trading, Economics, Engineer of Electric-Electronics,
Automation, Mechanical and chemistry Engineering.
• Training:
 Professional selling skill & key-account management training course.
 Distributor management & key-account management.
 Handling Objection & questioning skill.
 Sales management & Industrial Marketing.
 Technical / Application training courses which provided by ELSTER, STAMINAIR, SEW…



ETECH do strongly expect to closed & long lasting co-operations
with all manufacturers, suppliers, customers in win-win situations.
To maintain and develop efficiently and firmly business in Vietnam.

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